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Before you sign in, here’s a word from our founder:


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I want to be the first to welcome you into the next phase of becoming a Carbon Recall franchise owner. This is a big step. It feels risky, sure. And of course, it's going to take work.

Whether you choose to take the leap with us or not, you can't have any self-doubt in your commitment to realize a dream that meets your goals. I recognize that deep down, you might have concerns about your ability to break into a new industry with an emerging brand. But I know this can be overcome by harnessing our path toward early success and by surrounding yourself with people that share your values and can make you better. If you put yourself in a position to learn with us, you can do the best work of your life. It's happening here every day.


Now, we can't tell you what you want. We can only help you find what you're looking for. If we're fortunate enough to see eye to eye on this opportunity together – a lot of good things can happen. And I look forward to speaking with you as we continue on this journey to build something that will last beyond our lifetime. Something that can contribute to the world around you and improve the lives of those closest to you – including yourself.


I'd like to close with my commitment to you. I'm a long way from knowing what your future holds, but I will listen; I will be candid with you, and I will put everything on the table to ensure you're in a position to turn your idea and desire into reality with Carbon Recall. Because we need you. We need your fierce drive, entrepreneurial spirit, and willingness to make a difference.


Darko Kapelina

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