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Solar adoption is rapidly growing worldwide due to its reducing costs and environmental benefits. However, this opportunity extends far beyond just a few solar panels. A Solar Revenue Potential assessment (SRP) aims to sharpen your view of what that can mean — today and in the future.

Unlock your city's solar revenue potential.

Imagine the possibilities

Get the answers to key market data essential to every part of building a solar business in your city.

Total solar-viable roofs

A complete breakdown of all rooftops in your city that can supply solar panels to receive at least 75% of the maximum annual sun. ¹

Current systems installed

How many customers are already enjoying the benefits? Find out how many solar installations already exist in your city. ²

Gross revenue potential

Let us crunch the numbers and tell you what the gross and net revenue potential is for a Carbon Recall franchise in your city. ³

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  1. Your city may not have the necessary data to estimate solar-viability

  2. Current system installations may not be available for smaller cities

  3. Gross and net revenue potential estimates are only projections and in no way represent income earning statements