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From freight to solar

Franchise owner Jim Hoskins has the can-do attitude you’d expect from someone who started a successful transportation company. While he enjoys the freight industry, Jim wanted to start a new and exciting career where he could take charge on the ground floor.

In this podcast, Jim shares how he made the dream of becoming a franchise owner a reality, including how his first solar installation went and his take on the Carbon Recall® training and education program.

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Carbon Recall® Validation

Jim’s business is located in a very rural part of Georgia – so clearly if he can be successful in a lightly populated market, it would stand to reason that the same or more is possible in your market.

Additionally, Jim recently completed his Carbon Recall® Training and Education so his recollection of what he has done is fresh in his mind, particularly given that we’ve recently made many improvements.

Also, Jim has a successful shipping business which he manages in addition to his focus on Carbon Recall® – this is an important take away for you given the possibility that you may also have some other matters to attend to.

And finally, all Franchisees start on the Carbon Recall® Solar FastTrack which is designed to enable a new franchisee to complete two to three installs within the first two months after opening for business, which Jim has done.

"I put in an 11kW system and I had it up in 3 days – it was a real easy task for me."


Jim Hoskins,

Franchise Owner

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