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How he found a perfect fit under the sun

From quitting his job to now hiring his own father, Josh Elkins is taking his Carbon Recall® franchise to new heights as he begins to put all the pieces together.

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Carbon Recall® Validation

Because Josh recently opened his Carbon Recall® franchise in March of 2021, we felt his input during this podcast will be very valuable in your evaluation of the Carbon Recall® franchise opportunity.


Before Josh opened his Carbon Recall® franchise, he held a high level position at one of the largest utility providers in the country and didn’t have any experience in the renewable energy industry or in sales.

In today's podcast, Josh answers some of our most commonly asked questions and expands on his own personal experience with opening and growing his franchise.


"I’m living my dream. Before, work was good, but sitting at a desk all day is nothing like what I’m doing right now. I love what I’m doing now…Everyday I’m learning something new and overcoming obstacles. And at the end of the day, I’m enjoying what I do now about 100 times more than I did before."


Josh Elkins,

Franchise Owner

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