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How we bring potential to you.

The world demands more energy, in more places, at lower costs than ever before, and with every franchise, Carbon Recall is helping entrepreneurs unlock potential, operate powerfully, and benefit from a new reality with a business they can be proud of for the rest of their life.


A solar revenue potential assessment (SRP) is a detailed market assessment provided by our development team that outlines an ideal geographic footprint, the total solar viable properties, and estimated revenue potential in your city.

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A Maximized Return on Investment (MRI) review provides you with more information regarding the initial investment and lower costs that come when developing your business with Carbon Recall. 

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You bring the leadership and we'll bring the rest to help you launch into one of America's fastest growing industries at the forefront of its reinvention.

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Carbon Recall is your partner in the new energy economy.

  • Low startup investment

  • Zero industry experience required

  • Leverage your skills and experience

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Renewable energy is changing the way we interact with the world. We don't just need electricity anymore. We must have it. Our smartphones, tablets, and appliances are all connected to it, of course, but now bigger things like homes, cars, and grocery stores are all being powered by renewable energy. To bring this opportunity to people and businesses who need it, Carbon Recall franchise owners deliver reliable, affordable, zero-carbon energy to the places we live, work, and play the way they should be – 100% energy independent.

Where potential becomes reality.

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Lead your community and solve the many energy challenges facing our customers.

Where potential becomes reality.

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